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Set-up Specifications
-Neck Relief
-String Gauge
-Nut Height

General Set-up Rules
-Threshold of Buzz
-Student Set-ups

Floyd Rose Set-up Page

$75 Set ups include:
(Add $15 for floating tremolo/locking nut)
(Add $25 to block trem, down tune only, allows quick detuning.)
Full inspection: Check for loose/high frets and wear. Inspect body for cracks. Check bridge and braces, electronics, nut height and spacing. Inspect hardware and finish.
Check neck for straightness and truss rod function

Clean and polish finish, Tighten and lube hardware.
Oil Fingerboard, Clean frets/Clean electronics, Restring & tune.
File and wax nut slots/sand saddle slots.
Adjust neck/Set action/Intonate/Balance tremolo (Shave Saddle),
Shape new saddle (Additional charge), Adjust pickups
Add string and any parts to cost plus tax
You are welcome to bring your own strings
I carry D'Addario and Martin strings. All set-ups include this Set-up card that includes all of the critical measurements.
Once I know the exact set up that you prefer this card will give us a baseline for future work.
Top measurements are crucial on acoustic guitars as we can keep an eye on the amount of movement due to humidity fluctuations.
All set-ups are guaranteed to please.
You're welcome to bring it back for a free "tweak" if it doesn't feel or sound just right

Drop C, Drop B, drop D, whatever tuning you want! Short scale, long scale, hardtails and floating trems. I can choose the correct string gauges to create the proper tension and feel. Blocking the tremolo is necessary if you want to alter your tunings or make it easier to restring. Call for details.