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Transducer Installations
Undersaddle transducers must be perfectly installed
otherwise balance problems occur.
I offer rerouting of the slot if needed.
Tusq saddles are recommended
as bone may cause hot spots effecting balance.
Saddles are always perfectly flat and fit.
M1 and Rare Earth soundhole pickups installed.
Endpin holes are reamed instead of drilled to avoid chipping.
K&K Pure Western transducers are glued in for maximum output.
Fishman Nashville Resophonic Pickup Install
Can't decide what pickup to install? Try them out first!
Compare a L.R. Baggs M1, M80, and Element,
Fishman Prefix/Infinity and Rare Earth, and a K&K Pure Western.
All through my Fishman Loudbox

Yes, a Fishman thinline can be installed in your Martin saddle through bridge.

L.R.Baggs ibeam/Element Mixing System Installed
Direct replacement for other systems
Natural and dynamic sound with no "quack"

Installing a b-band XOM system for Ron Murray

K&K Pure Western systems installed
Prepping trandsucers

Transducers glued in for maximum output

Volume thumbwheel and phase switch

Tapastring Enpin Jack
Tapered endpin uses the original strapbutton hole.

Acoustic pickups/transducers generally in stock