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PRS Nut Uprade

Tone Pros and Schaller bridges and tailpieces in stock
Lindy Fralin 8K & 9K, Pure p.a.f.
Duncan '59s, Custom, Distortion, Jazz

Breaking strings? A set-up can really help
Upgrade to Graph Tech or Tusq nut and saddles if needed.

Bridge Upgrades
Gibson and most aftermarket bridges are made of cast metal.
Tone Pros are cast but lock to studs
Billet steel, GraphTech, titanium, brass, and Tusq saddles are available
Pigtail bridges are machined from aluminum.
Faber from brass or titanium with steel studs
Callaham bridges are machined from hardened steel!
Brass and aluminum offer a vintage tone
as these materials were used back in the 50s.
Bridges machined from a billet will be the most responsive, but expensive.
These are all choices you will have to make depending on what type of tone you want
My Heritage will have a Callaham billet steel ABR1 installed
You are welcome to try it when it's finished

Callaham ABR1 and studs machined from billet steel.
Beautifully made with tight tolerances. Tighter, more dynamic and balanced tone
Locks in too! No wire needed due to tight fitting saddles.

Billet steel = Magnetic!

Cast = Not!

Finally and ABR1 with the proper radius!

Standard ABR1 and Nashville bridges have the incorrect radius

Original studs are cast and should be replaced with machined steel studs.

Before: Loose, worn, brass saddles. Bridge slid back and forth on studs

After: Tone Pros bridge, tighter tolerances, allen screws tighten to studs

Cast saddles show wear quickly and need to be filed and sanded often.
Set-ups include this. Before:

After: Filed to each string diameter and then sanded with 400grit
It really helps the tone and energy transfer.

GraphTech saddles will help prevent string breakage

Upgrade those loose "tulip" key style tuners with
Tone Pros locking or Grover vintage style tuners.

Upgrading the circuit board in new Gibsons
Before: Pickups and toggle are attached to a board via mini clips. Note the tiny caps.

After: Traditional solder joints with upgraded pots and caps

This is the best approach to upgrading the pickups in your new Gibson.
Otherwise your new pickups will have to be spliced into the existing clips.
The solder joints are a better connection than these clips also.
Sheilding is also available.

PRS Volume Pot Upgrade
Before, this Single Cut had a faulty volume pot

After, Bourns 500 Series volume pots,

Tighter tolerances with smooth taper and feel.
Options: SBE orange drop caps, Oil paper caps.
Treble Bypass cap.

Les Paul Classic Upgrade
Before: Small diameter switch wire, small ceramic disc cap, pickups too hot for customer

After: Upgraded Belden wire, SBE orange caps,
and Lindy Fralin Allman Brothers Set.

Options: Bourns 500 Series pots, Treble Bypass.

Th "ultimate" Les Paul electronics?
Alessandro volume pots, Bourns tone pots,
and paper in oil copper foil caps.

Well it is the most expensive but I prefer the feel of the Bourns pots.
But the Alessandro pots do have the most accurate resistance and taper.
Ask about the resistance and taper graph comparing manufacturers at the shop.

PRS Volume Pot upgrade!
Bourns 500 Series pot upgrade
Tighter tolerances and smooth taper

Gibson 3-way toggle wire upgrade

Replace the downgraded wire Gibson now uses with higher quality Belden wire.
Note the heat shrink. Nice touch!
Only $25!
Upgrade the import switch to a Switchcraft. Add $18